Let’s Get Started!

With our new website underway we felt it would be a good idea to keep current with some blog posts. We will keep you posted on color trends, our favorite projects, and some fun things we’ve learned along the way. I know most people aren’t as excited as we are about paint but hopefully you will find something here useful!

We are in the midst of the fall season and we are quite busy painting exteriors as the winter season looms. Fall is actually the best time to paint according to the experts. Here is an article outlining the benefits of painting the outside of your home during the fall season.


Even though we have to be wary of mugginess and rain showers, the lack of summer heat enables the paint to dry properly. On these fall days we work a slightly shorter day to accommodate the morning dew and early sunset.

This week we are working in Merion Station and have had some great weather to work with (with the exception of one rainy day).


As you can see this beautiful home needs some serious prep work. We have been using power sanders for a few days to guarantee the best overall finish. We will be wrapping up the job at the end of the week and can’t wait to see the final results. Make sure to check back to see the final results!!

– Matt