Paint Literally Everything in Your Kitchen

Paint Literally Everything in Your Kitchen

You can even paint the food if you want to. I don’t know why you would do that but
you can. These days they have a primer or paint for everything. It really is amazing.
Check out this primer from INSL-X that does exactly what its name says; STIX.



STIX is primer-sealer that adheres to the most challenging surfaces such as tile, PVC,
vinyl, plastic, galvanized metals, glossy surfaces and more. Yes, that’s how you paint

Instead of spending thousands on remodels people are choosing to just do some
painting to spruce things up a bit. You would be surprised by how much value you
can add to your home with painting. Here’s a kitchen we finished recently where we
painted numerous surfaces.



Let me take you through the process for each surface…

The blue walls were the simplest part since we were just painting over the existing
paint. They wanted to change the color to Sherwin Williams Evening Shadow. Some
simple two-coat brush and roller work. Done.

The green backsplash was beadboard. It’s a cost effective way to have a backsplash
without the cost of tile. This surface needs to withstand the elements of a working
kitchen. We used Sherwin Williams premium paint Duration in a semi-gloss finish.
It is durable and washable. The color is Suitable Green. Done.

The cabinets had been painted before but were chipping and peeling. If they hadn’t
been painted before we would have used an oil-based adhesion primer. The primer
seals in the stain, protects it from bleed-through, and prevents the topcoat from
peeling. For this project we used the STIX primer to prevent further peeling. We
then topcoated the cabinets with Duration semi-gloss white paint. Done.

To finish out the job we refinished the butcher block countertop. This is my favorite
type of countertop FYI. It’s not too difficult of a process. You need to sand down the
polyurethane finish, clean the surface, and apply an oil-based clear coat. We used
WATCO polyurethane which is available at Lowe’s. We applied three coats and
sanded lightly between each one. Done and done.

So if you’re question is “Can I paint…” the answer is, without a doubt, YES.