Room Color and Mood: Are They Linked?

Room Color and Mood: Are They Linked?


Have you ever wondered if the color of a room affects your emotions? Well, the answer is yes; studies have shown that certain colors sway emotions in different ways. Before you start some house painting in Lower Merion, PA or surrounding areas, use the information below to help you choose the best color for a particular room.

Red gets the adrenaline pumping and ignites excitement. It has been known to spike blood pressure, speed respiration and heart rate. This makes it best suited for a living room or dining room, where the stimulating color can make an environment livelier.

Yellow is a great choice for bathrooms, kitchens and dining rooms, where like sun rays, it invigorates and refreshes its guests. But similar to how too much sun can make some people cranky, tempers tend to flare in yellow rooms; it’s vitalizing, but sometimes too much.

Blue makes people feel at ease, making it perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms. A pastel blue can sometimes put an uncomfortable chill in the room; so, if you go with one, balance it with the warm shades of fabrics and furnishings. With blue, lighter shades evoke calmer emotions. Stay away from the darker tones to avoid feeling blue.

Green can make any part of a home feel more relaxing and comfortable. The chill vibes help people loosen up, feel more comfortable and bond; it’s an excellent color to use in a living room or family room. Since the stress relieving shade is also thought to help with fertility, it’s always great in the bedroom.

Purple shades are classy, demonstrate sophistication, and are related to luxury and creative inspiration. Typically used as an accent or secondary color, darker tones give you a lot to work with in terms of adding to the schemes. Lighter shades, like lavender and lilac, can help people unwind when used in bedrooms, without the chilliness associated with blues.

Orange can make someone excited, energetic and eager to complete tasks. It really shouldn’t be used in parts of your home where people are supposed to unwind, like living rooms or bedrooms. That being said, an orange exercise room will help you power through your workout.

Neutrals (black, gray, white and brown) can go in and out of fashion, but they always remain flexible. You can add a color to make a room livelier, or turn down the notch by taking it away. Black works best in small amounts, as it helps to ground the color scheme and adds to its complexity.

Crimson tends to make people feel irritable, angry and aggressive. It can disturb the balance and harmony of your home, which is why it really shouldn’t be used in any main color schemes.

Use this as a guideline to balance the emotions evoked in your home; you’ll keep everyone calm cool and collected. If you’re still hesitant about which color to go with, contact recommended painters in Gladwyne and surrounding areas, like Fox Painting Company, and ask about their paint consultation services today.