4 Tips to Get Started Painting Your Home’s Exterior

So you’ve decided that the exterior of your home is looking a little drab, and the answer is a new paint color. While painting your home might seem like a simple task, there are a few things that need to be considered before you grab your palette and roller.

  • Don’t forget the roof. When you’re picking out a color to paint your home, it’s important to make sure that your choice compliments your roof. If your roof is brown, consider a warmer color. If it’s gray, you can choose a cooler shade.
  • Consider expert help. Painting your home’s exterior can be expensive, and choosing the wrong shade (among other mishaps) can result in much less money in your pocket. Hiring an expert in exterior painting in the Lower Merion PA area removes the risk from your hands, while still leaving you with a fresh new home.
  • Read the atmosphere. When deciding on an exterior paint color, look around your neighborhood and think about what types of shades would go well in your area. For example, if you’re living in a city’s suburbs, you probably want to stick to something muted. If you’re living on a beach or in a tropical area, pink or a jewel toned blue might fit the neighborhood better.
  • Make sure your choice is legal. The final step in choosing what color to paint your home’s exterior is to ensure that you can paint it at all. Neighborhood and homeowner associations can sometimes dictate the colors you are allowed to paint your home, so before you finalize your choices, make sure that the paint you’ve chosen is allowed.

No matter how you choose to paint your home’s exterior, you will greatly benefit from professional advice. Speaking to a qualified painter in Villanova can help you determine not only what types of colors are best for your home, but also how you can get the most bang for your buck when redesigning your exterior.

3 Reasons to Paint the Outside of Your Home this Spring

Finally, the sun is shining brightly, the birds are chirping, everything is getting a little greener, there’s a blue sky above us and a cool breeze is passing through; which means it’s time to check off some of those important “to-dos” that you outlined for this spring. If painting the outside of your home isn’t on your agenda, here are three reasons why it should be:

1. Special events. Perhaps your son or daughter is finally graduating from high school or college, for example. Or maybe your youngest child will be turning 2 years old in June. Or let’s say you organize a BBQ in your backyard every year on July 4th. No matter what kind of events you might have planned throughout the next few months, our painters in Gladwyne, PA and its surrounding areas, can help rejuvenate the overall appearance of your home. Impress your guests and generate more comfort with a fresh coat of paint!

2. Feel younger yourself. There’s a good chance you’ve never painted certain exterior parts of your home since you first moved in. Even if you have, it’s probably time for a change by now. By turning back the hands of time with your home, and restoring that youthful glow that has long since faded, you might even begin to feel younger yourself. Our environments have a much greater impact on how we feel emotionally than you could ever imagine. So give your home a new look this spring, and feel more excited about pulling into the driveway at the end of a long day.

3. Curb appeal. Although it might appear to be ego-driven, everyone—at least subconsciously—seems to want their house to be the best-looking one on the block. By painting the exterior, whether it’s your porch, patio, deck or the entire home, you’ll have more confidence about its general appearance. Plus, if you feel like you’ll be selling at some point down the line, you’re going to want to take good care of your home now. Performing some long-overdue maintenance this spring will ensure your home is looking good for many years to come!

Enter into spring with style by rejuvenating the appearance of your home this spring!

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Choosing the Correct Paint Sheen for Your Home

If you don’t know a lot about painting, selecting the correct paint sheen for your home can be a difficult, time-consuming process. Below, we discuss five different paint sheens, so you can make the right selection before starting your exterior or interior painting in Newtown Square or any of its surrounding areas.

  1. Flat is a low sheen that provides a non-reflective finish. This works well for touch ups, since it helps to disguise walls and older siding with noticeable defects. In regards to interior painting, flat is an ideal choice for ceilings and areas with minimal traffic. With exterior painting, flat works well on siding with imperfections, or for anyone who doesn’t care much for a sheen.
  1. Egg, shell and low luster are all upgrades from flat, and are known to give off a softer sheen than satin. These paints work well for customers who are interested in a bolder finish that holds up to traffic and is easy to clean. Considering it’s “wash-ability” and stronger UV protection, this is usually the sheen that customers most often ask professionals to use while painting exteriors.
  1. Satin. If you’re not opposed to a shiny, bright “look”, this is a hard, easily washable sheen that’s perfect for interior living spaces with high levels of traffic. It’s also a great look on newer sidings or any other part of a home’s exterior. Additionally, it’s a common choice for both exterior and interior trim.
  1. Semi-gloss. With a higher gloss than satin, this type of paint offers an extremely durable finish; which is why semi-gloss is ideal for interior trim and cabinets, as well as exterior doors.
  1. Gloss. Providing the hardest of the finishes, this sheen offers a smooth, glass-like finish.

Make sure you contact the professionals here at Fox Painting Company if you’re still having trouble choosing the correct sheen for your home. Based on the “look” you’re going for, we can help guide you through the paint selection process. Schedule a free estimate for your house painting near Haverford, PA by filling out a contact form on our website, or by calling 215-259-5719 or 610-243-1846.

3 Reasons to Hire a Professional Crew for Your Spring Painting Project

Are you trying to figure out whether it’s a better idea to paint your home yourself, or hire a professional crew to do it for you? Painting can often be overwhelming, especially when you have other projects to complete as the warm weather returns. Below, are three reasons to hire a professional painting crew to get the job done right this spring:     

  1. Eliminate stress. If you don’t paint for a living, there’s no doubt that it can turn into an incredibly frustrating process very quickly. Save yourself from the stress that’s typically involved for those who are inexperience by hiring painters near Newtown, PA, like Fox Painting Company. Let the pros take care of any of the painting tasks that you want to finish on either the inside or outside of your home. They’ll complete the job in half the time and offer a close-attention to detail that only comes with years of experience.
  1. It makes all the difference between “good” and “great!” Of course, you and your girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, roommate, etc. can paint areas of your home together and do a decent enough good job. However, if you were to hire a painting company to do it for you, instead, it’ll have that “professional touch” and show a superior level of craftsmanship. When it comes to house painting in Haverford, PA or any of its surrounding areas, you’re always better off hiring a professional crew that takes painting to another level.
  1. Focus your energy on other home improvement projects. Since painting is a very “niche” task, you might as well ask an experienced crew to do for you while you concentrate on doing other things that you’re better at. This way, you’ll get one of the hardest to-dos out of the way, and in turn, have more energy to move forward with other projects. Sometimes you need to pick and choose your battles. So, if painting is included on your list of home improvement projects to complete this spring, it’s a task consider handing over off someone else.

Hire a professional painting crew this spring and enjoy all the advantages of letting experts do what they do best. To receive a free estimate from Fox Painting Company, fill out a contact form on our website or call 215-259-5719 or 610-243-1846 today.

5 Areas of Your Home You Should Consider Painting this Winter


Image result for painting living room

Do you want to get a few home improvement projects out of the way before spring? There’s no doubt that a fresh coat of paint can truly enhance the look and feel of your living environment. Here are five areas of your home that you should consider painting this winter:

  1. Bedrooms. Whether you think it’s time to finally paint your master bedroom or any of the other bedrooms of your home, you’ll certainly be glad you did it! Although you might feel like your family doesn’t spend a lot of time in these areas of your home, a nice, clean environment painted with the right colors can make any room feel a whole lot more comfortable. This will make it easier to fall asleep and also help to set the mood when the time’s right.
  1. Living room. You probably already know that this part of the home endures a significant amount of wear and tear over the years. So if you’re looking for a great way to make everything look and feel a little cleaner—without blowing bunch of money on furniture, carpeting, curtains, etc.—just throw a fresh coat of paint up on the walls. It can truly make a world of difference!
  1. Kitchen. You might see this section of your home as simply a place where food is prepared; yet, this is actually where you family comes together to enjoy belly laughs and great conversations. It’s also where family, friends and guests generally end up hanging out the most during parties. Make your kitchen more inviting this winter by contacting our painters in Villanova or any of its surrounding communities.
  1. Bathrooms. Although bathrooms receive some of the most traffic out of any other part of the home, many homeowners actually neglect their appearances since they really aren’t places where people stay for too long. Even so, a well decorated bathroom can really add more charm to any home, as well as make it more, well, “homey.”
  1. Basement. For those of you who have a finished basement, applying a fresh coat of paint can only enhance the luxury of this relaxing environment. Basements are perfect for hanging out and watching sports, shows and movies, so make sure you have a pleasant space to kick back and unwind with those you love most!

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