These Paint Colors are Scientifically Proven to Increase the Value of Your Home

If you’re considering putting your home on the market (or you just want to be able to brag that you’ve got the best looking home on the block), you’re probably searching for every home-improvement that’s worth it to increase the value of your home and property. But did you know that something as subtle as the tone of paint you choose can affect how much your home is worth?

In a study by Zillow, one of the top websites for home buyers to gauge the worth and value of homes for sale, researchers compared the final selling prices of over 32,000 homes against their paint colors of choice and the results were pretty shocking. Before you call your our experts for exterior painting in Lower Merion, PA, consider adding one of these colorful features scientifically proven to increase the value of your home!

● A gray or blue front door. The shade of your front door has been found to have a bigger impact on buyers than most homeowners expect, so consider asking your painting contractors in Philadelphia, PA to choose a nice shade of blue for the door and take in an average of $1,514 extra when the home sells.

● A “greige” exterior. By far the best color for home value, “greige,” the mix of gray and beige, netted homeowners an average of $1,526 extra when compared with homes of other colors located in economically similar conditions.

● A light blue kitchen. Want another reason to pop open a can of blue paint? Light blue kitchens brought sellers an average of $1,800 extra during the final home offer. Experts agree that this is because blue is seen by most buyers as a welcoming and inviting color, better allowing them to envision themselves living in your home.

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The Most Popular Interior Home Colors by State

Are you looking for some new inspiration when it comes to redecorating your home? Why not take a cue from one of our fellow states? Each individual state has their own opinion on which interior color is best, and according to BEHR paint’s 2016 sales data, no two states have the same taste in paint!


If you’re searching for the right shade before getting started with your trusted painter in Bryn Mawr, take some huge inspiration from the tastes of surrounding states with the help of our experts at Fox Painting Company.


  • Pennsylvania – Spiced Potpourri. Pennsylvanians are going crazy for purple! The most popular color in the Keystone State is “Spiced Potpourri,” a rich and robust shade of purple. Looks like we’ll be seeing many more purple living rooms and bedrooms in our home state in years to come!


  • New York – Linen White. Painters in New York, especially in New York City, bought the clean, off-white shade “Linen White” in much higher batches than the rest of the country. Experts believe that this effect is due to the popularity of the shade among renters, which provides a crisp background for art and other temporary accents.


  • Maine – Winter Shamrock. Maine is the state for mint! Painters in Maine’s favorite shade is called “Winter Shamrock,” and provides a mint-green shade that resembles chewing gum. We’re sure this shade provides the perfect backdrop against particularly cold winters!


  • Oklahoma Mandarin. One of the most surprising results and the only orange shade on the map, the Sooner State prefers the color “Mandarin,” a spiced and muted orange color. Experts believe that this preference comes from Oklahomans favor towards more rustic design choices. Country kitchens look beautiful colored with this unique shade.


  • Florida King Salmon. The most popular shade in the Sunshine State is by far “King Salmon,” a vibrant pink shade that resembles the color of the fish it’s named after. We think that this color matches the state’s “sunny” personality beautifully!


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How to Choose a Paint Finish

If you’re looking to change the color of your home, painting contractors in Philadelphia PA are able to provide you with nearly any type of paint job that your heart desires. But what type of paint finish is the best for your home? Here are the four most common types of paint finishes, and some considerations to keep in mind before choosing which paint is right for your home.

  • Sometimes referred to as “flat,” matte paint reflects no light and doesn’t give off any of the “sheen” seen in other types of paint finishes. It’s a common choice for covering old wooden siding because it’s excellent at hiding bumps, cracks, or stains.
  • Perhaps the universal paint finish, satin finishes are becoming more and more common in exterior painting in Lower Merion, PA due to the increase in manufactured siding. Satin finishes offer a subtle degree of shine and provide an easy-to-clean surface. Wooden siding also looks great in a satin finish because the paint doesn’t provide an excessive amount of shine, like gloss and even some semi-glosses.
  • Semi-gloss. A semi-gloss finish will produce a visible shine upon drying, so it is usually reserved for shutters and doors. It provides a very durable and tough surface that can withstand frequent cleaning and environmental impact, so if your home is located in an area that experiences a large amount of heavy rain or snow, semi-gloss paint may be a more economical choice. This easy cleanup also makes semi-gloss the finish of choice for most cement or masonry painting.
  • Glossy finishes are considered to be the most “shiny” paint finish, so their look is usually too harsh for exterior siding. However, they can provide a tough yet appealing look when used to accent trim or shutters, and some are even beginning to paint their doors with gloss finish paint.

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4 Tips to Get Started Painting Your Home’s Exterior

So you’ve decided that the exterior of your home is looking a little drab, and the answer is a new paint color. While painting your home might seem like a simple task, there are a few things that need to be considered before you grab your palette and roller.

  • Don’t forget the roof. When you’re picking out a color to paint your home, it’s important to make sure that your choice compliments your roof. If your roof is brown, consider a warmer color. If it’s gray, you can choose a cooler shade.
  • Consider expert help. Painting your home’s exterior can be expensive, and choosing the wrong shade (among other mishaps) can result in much less money in your pocket. Hiring an expert in exterior painting in the Lower Merion PA area removes the risk from your hands, while still leaving you with a fresh new home.
  • Read the atmosphere. When deciding on an exterior paint color, look around your neighborhood and think about what types of shades would go well in your area. For example, if you’re living in a city’s suburbs, you probably want to stick to something muted. If you’re living on a beach or in a tropical area, pink or a jewel toned blue might fit the neighborhood better.
  • Make sure your choice is legal. The final step in choosing what color to paint your home’s exterior is to ensure that you can paint it at all. Neighborhood and homeowner associations can sometimes dictate the colors you are allowed to paint your home, so before you finalize your choices, make sure that the paint you’ve chosen is allowed.

No matter how you choose to paint your home’s exterior, you will greatly benefit from professional advice. Speaking to a qualified painter in Villanova can help you determine not only what types of colors are best for your home, but also how you can get the most bang for your buck when redesigning your exterior.

3 Reasons to Paint the Outside of Your Home this Spring

Finally, the sun is shining brightly, the birds are chirping, everything is getting a little greener, there’s a blue sky above us and a cool breeze is passing through; which means it’s time to check off some of those important “to-dos” that you outlined for this spring. If painting the outside of your home isn’t on your agenda, here are three reasons why it should be:

1. Special events. Perhaps your son or daughter is finally graduating from high school or college, for example. Or maybe your youngest child will be turning 2 years old in June. Or let’s say you organize a BBQ in your backyard every year on July 4th. No matter what kind of events you might have planned throughout the next few months, our painters in Gladwyne, PA and its surrounding areas, can help rejuvenate the overall appearance of your home. Impress your guests and generate more comfort with a fresh coat of paint!

2. Feel younger yourself. There’s a good chance you’ve never painted certain exterior parts of your home since you first moved in. Even if you have, it’s probably time for a change by now. By turning back the hands of time with your home, and restoring that youthful glow that has long since faded, you might even begin to feel younger yourself. Our environments have a much greater impact on how we feel emotionally than you could ever imagine. So give your home a new look this spring, and feel more excited about pulling into the driveway at the end of a long day.

3. Curb appeal. Although it might appear to be ego-driven, everyone—at least subconsciously—seems to want their house to be the best-looking one on the block. By painting the exterior, whether it’s your porch, patio, deck or the entire home, you’ll have more confidence about its general appearance. Plus, if you feel like you’ll be selling at some point down the line, you’re going to want to take good care of your home now. Performing some long-overdue maintenance this spring will ensure your home is looking good for many years to come!

Enter into spring with style by rejuvenating the appearance of your home this spring!

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