The Best Interior Color for Four Rooms in Your Home

Few things say more about the design of a room than the color of the walls. But did you know that each color has a different meaning? Some paint color choices are better suited for different rooms because of what they signify. Read on to learn the best paint color choices for four of the most-trafficked rooms in your home!


  • Bedroom: blue. Your bedroom should be your oasis – where your concerns melt away, and you prepare yourself to recharge for the next day. Painting your bedroom a soft, calm blue will help you sleep better and easier at night, and feel more refreshed come morning!
  • Home office: red. Red is the color of fire and passion. Red ignites your inner flame, and it allows you to throw yourself headfirst towards whatever project is in your path, making it the perfect energetic color for a home office.
  • Dining room: purple. Purple is a stress-relieving shade, and it encourages the people in your home to feel more relaxed and comfortable. When sharing a meal, you want everyone at your table to feel like opening up– why not invite them to do so with a light, fun lavender?
  • Kitchen: yellow. Yellow is one of the colors that inspires creativity, and it’s flexible enough that different shades work in nearly every room in the home. Its lightheartedness is perfect for a kitchen, especially if you also use your kitchen as a family gathering place!


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3 Interior Paint Colors Expected to Explode in 2018

Now that 2018 has arrived, interior design experts have already put out their predictions for the trends that we’ll see in more and more homes this year.

If your living room or bedroom needs a new coat of pain, our interior painting contractors in Newtown Square believe that you should consider incorporating one of these three colors that interior designers predict will be most popular in the coming year.

  • “In The Moment” The Behr 2018 Color of the Year has recently been announced to be the shade, “In The Moment,” and it’s a perfect choice for nearly any room in the home. A cool, tranquil and soothing grey-blue, the shade was inspired by nature and invites those who view it to reflect on themselves and the beauty of nature’s cool waters. Expect “In The Moment” to be all over the walls of bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms across the nation!


  • “Kombucha” Interior color experts also anticipate that Behr’s upgraded beige shade “Kombucha” will be popular in bedroom design. You should expect to see Kombucha, a warm and spiced shade that provides a modern take on the traditional neutrals, on the walls of living rooms and kitchens in 2018.


  • “Spirit Warrior” Providing a vibrant and exciting shade of muted red, “Spirit Warrior” is anticipated to be used in offices and workout rooms in 2018 thanks to its energizing tone. A bold red that makes a statement while still being appropriate for casual use, Spirit Warrior will definitely be seen in modern interior designs.


There’s nothing that can switch up the aesthetic of a room quite as fast as a new paint color, but many homeowners don’t have the time to handle their own painting project.

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3 Unique Interior Paint Colors and How They Affect Your Mood

If you’re like most homeowners, you want your home to have a number of different vibes and atmospheres depending on the purpose of each room. For example, in your office, you probably want to feel bold, motivated, and confident. However, when you move to the bedroom after a long day of work, you probably want to lay down and feel serene, calm and ready to drift off into well-deserved sleep.

Our interior painting contractors in Newtown Square know all about how the power of paint can completely change the aesthetic of your home. If you feel like your moods and rooms just aren’t on the same wavelength, read on to learn about how your paint colors might be playing with your emotions.

  • Light blue. Shades of baby blue have been found to lower your heart rate, leaving you feeling less stressed and more at peace. Consider adding this shade anywhere you want to wind down, like your bedroom or your dining room.
  • Orange. Orange hues have been found to evoke feelings of passion, honesty, and creativity. Orange encourages us to expand our thinking, and is widely regarded as a happy color that conveys joy. A bright fun orange is a perfect compliment to a child’s bedroom or play area!
  • Yellow. Yellow is a stimulant. Due to yellow’s visual similarity to sunshine, it’s been found to increase focus, make us feel more awake and alert and allow us to sharpen our intelligence and recall abilities (long and short-term memory). Yellow is the perfect color for anywhere in your home where you need to put on your thinking cap, like a home office or a sitting room.

If you’re ready to make a change and embrace a new mood in one of your rooms, house interior painting in Bala Cynwyd from Fox Painting Company can give your home the perfect look and feel!

3 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home in Preparation for Thanksgiving

Have you noticed that Turkey Day has almost arrived? Though it might seem like fall only just peeked its head into our doors, Thanksgiving is but a few weeks away already! If you are responsible for throwing your family’s annual feast this year, you want your home to be looking its absolute best before the in-laws arrive!

If your home doesn’t quite feel up to the challenge yet, here are three ways to breathe new life into nearly any room in the home just in time for the holidays!

  • Freshen up your paint. The paint job of a room can make or break the rest of its interior design. Even with the most modern furniture, an outdated paint color can completely ruin the of any sitting room or dining room. If you want to get the most out of a new coat of paint, seeking the assistance of a company providing house painting in Haverford, PA can not only make the job quick and simple, but they can also provide advice on the best colors to compliment your home’s aesthetic.


  • Indulge in a little feng shui. Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of furniture arrangement. Feng shui follows a set of principles that allows energy (or “chi”) to flow effortlessly through your home, promoting good feelings of joy to anyone who enters your home. Check out books in your local library on feng shui, you might be surprised by how much a little change in furniture arrangement can do to the mood of your home.


  • Change your light bulbs. If the inside of your home feels a little stale, fluorescent lighting may be the cause. While fluorescent lighting is economical, it’s much too harsh to compliment the design of most rooms. Instead, try switching out to LED lighting. It saves you similar amounts of energy while also being much easier on the eyes!

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How Color Affects Your Mood

Studies show that certain colors can affect emotions differently. Before you call an interior painting contractor from Fox Painting Company for your Radnor property or another nearby area, use the following guide to assist you in picking the color that suits best.

Red ignites excitement and passion. It is even possible that it increases your blood pressure, speed respiration and heart rate. Use it to liven up the living room or dining room.

Orange also excites, adding energy and eagerness to complete tasks. It might not be best for rooms in your home where people want to relax in like living rooms or bedrooms. Orange would be great in an exercise room or a child’s playroom.

Yellow is a fine choice for bathrooms, kitchens and dining rooms where it invigorates and refreshes, much like the sun. But too much isn’t a good thing, causing tempers to flare.

Green makes you feel more relaxed and comfortable. It can help you loosen up, perfect to use in a living room or family room. It is also said this stress-relieving shade can even aid with fertility, so perhaps the bedroom is a good place for it as well.

Blue also makes people feel at ease, which is ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms. But, a pastel blue might add an uncomfortable chill to the room; so be sure to counterbalance it with warm shades of fabrics and furnishings if necessary. Lighter blues evoke calmness.

Purple is classy. It demonstrates sophistication and gives off a luxurious vibe while inspiring creativity. Normally applied as an accent or secondary color, a darker tone gives you flexibility in regards to adding to the scheme. Lighter shades of purple, such as lavender and lilac, can help people unwind without the chilliness associated with blue.

Neutrals such as brown, black, gray and white fluctuate as far as what’s “in,” but they remain flexible. You can add a neutral color to liven up the mood or turn it down by removing it. Black works better in smaller amounts, grounding the color scheme and adding complexity.

Using this guideline, create the perfect balance of moods and emotions for your home. If you need a professional painter near Newtown Square, contact us at Fox Painting Company and ask about our paint consultation services today.