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4 Tips for Preparing Your Home for a Professional Painting Job

Now that you’ve decided to work with professional painters, you’ll need to ensure that your home is adequately prepared. Although some companies will take care of some of the preparatory work when they arrive, there are several steps that homeowners can take to ready their properties in advance. As a leading provider of house interior painting in Gladwyne and the surrounding areas, we’ve listed some essential tips below.

Clear Places for Access and Remove any Obstructions

If there are unnecessary obstructions in the way of your painters, some jobs become more difficult and can take more time. It’s a good idea to clear away any items of furniture or objects that will obstruct the painters from doing their jobs efficiently. Think about where the painters will have to position equipment like ladders and ensure that there is enough room so that they can get set up and started as soon as they arrive.

Preparing Walls

Speak to the painting company that you will be working with and ask them if you will need to prepare the walls before they arrive. Nine times out of ten, professional painting teams will be prepared to strip wallpaper and sand down any rough surfaces. However, it’s best to check in advance to save time, money, and potential embarrassment for both parties.

Remove Wall Hangings

Make sure that you remove any pictures, paintings, or ornaments that cover the areas that will be painted. Rather than wasting time trying to get everything removed from the walls when the painters have arrived, it’s best to get this activity completed in advance. Put these objects in a safe place, away from the area that is being painted so that they don’t get stained or damaged while work is being carried out.

Remove Rugs, Curtains, and Throws

Not only do these items obstruct a paint job, but they could also get damaged by the paint if they are not removed from the area before painting commences. Don’t forget to store them out of harm’s way until a day or two after all the painting is completed and has had time to dry.

If in doubt about how to prepare for professional painters, call the painting company in advance, and ask them what you can do to make their job easier.

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