Choosing the Correct Paint Sheen for Your Home

If you don’t know a lot about painting, selecting the correct paint sheen for your home can be a difficult, time-consuming process. Below, we discuss five different paint sheens, so you can make the right selection before starting your exterior or interior painting in Newtown Square or any of its surrounding areas.

  1. Flat is a low sheen that provides a non-reflective finish. This works well for touch ups, since it helps to disguise walls and older siding with noticeable defects. In regards to interior painting, flat is an ideal choice for ceilings and areas with minimal traffic. With exterior painting, flat works well on siding with imperfections, or for anyone who doesn’t care much for a sheen.
  1. Egg, shell and low luster are all upgrades from flat, and are known to give off a softer sheen than satin. These paints work well for customers who are interested in a bolder finish that holds up to traffic and is easy to clean. Considering it’s “wash-ability” and stronger UV protection, this is usually the sheen that customers most often ask professionals to use while painting exteriors.
  1. Satin. If you’re not opposed to a shiny, bright “look”, this is a hard, easily washable sheen that’s perfect for interior living spaces with high levels of traffic. It’s also a great look on newer sidings or any other part of a home’s exterior. Additionally, it’s a common choice for both exterior and interior trim.
  1. Semi-gloss. With a higher gloss than satin, this type of paint offers an extremely durable finish; which is why semi-gloss is ideal for interior trim and cabinets, as well as exterior doors.
  1. Gloss. Providing the hardest of the finishes, this sheen offers a smooth, glass-like finish.

Make sure you contact the professionals here at Fox Painting Company if you’re still having trouble choosing the correct sheen for your home. Based on the “look” you’re going for, we can help guide you through the paint selection process. Schedule a free estimate for your house painting near Haverford, PA by filling out a contact form on our website, or by calling 215-259-5719 or 610-243-1846.