Did someone say spring???

Did someone say spring???

FINALLY! Spring is here! It’s time to shake off those wintertime blues. Insert smiley face here.

We are excited. How about you?? With the warm weather finally here it’s time to

start painting outdoors. It’s funny how many phone calls we get on Monday

morning after a nice weekend. The calls are routine: “I was walking around my

house this weekend for the first time in months and it looks terrible. Please help.”

If you’re one of those people who needs “help” you came to the right place. We are

experienced in prepping and painting exteriors. We pride ourselves on our prep

work and back it up with a 2-year guarantee. Check out this before and after in

Radnor we painted last year.


With some TLC you can really have your home looking fresh and revived. Our prep

work is extensive. We powerwash to clear the surface of all dirt, mildew, and debris.

We use heat guns and power sanders for those heavily peeling and beaten up

surfaces. Primers are key to making a paint job last for years and each surface

typically requires a different primer. If you still aren’t convinced we can prep then

have a look at us in action:



That’s Juan working on the stucco which had been neglected for some time. A lot of

scraping and wirebrushing was involved in this project.


Yes, that’s the same house. After the prep we applied two coats of Sherwin Williams

Loxon Masonry paint to the stucco. The shutters received one coat of SW Peel Bond

Primer and two finish coats of Benjamin Moore Aura satin paint.

So, if you need “help” give us a call.