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Top Professional Painter Tips

Everyone who has ever occupied a space has probably gone through the process of painting a room. Whether you’re a business owner who has hired a team of commercial painting contractors for your business in Wayne, PA, or a DIY homebuyer who’s just invested in a fixer-upper, the experience of making your space more attractive through a fresh coat of paint is universal. 

However universal it may be, though, everyone can acknowledge that professional painters have a special touch that makes a room look spectacular. They have experience and expertise and often know tricks that many outside the profession may not realize will significantly improve the paint job’s outcome.

Here are a few of the ways professional painters can help your home or business look great:

Invest in Good Equipment

Spending money on good paint is a great way to make a room’s color stand out, but people frequently invest heavily in the paint and neglect the tools they use for applying it. Using cheaper tools is a great way to save money in the short term, but it can lead to more trouble evenly spreading the paint.

Even if you run over your walls many times to make sure the paint application is consistent, there’s another issue that many people don’t consider, and may not notice until many months later. Cheap brushes can sometimes lose fibers in the course of a paint job because the material used to create them often aren’t as strong as those used in slightly more costly, but better-quality tools.

Be Sure to Plan Ahead

Every experienced professional painter knows the importance of planning your paint job before opening a can of paint. Whether it’s moving furniture around so that it doesn’t get spattered during the paint job or using high-quality painter’s tape to make sure the room’s molding, edges, and light switches remain free from spattered paint, professionals take the time to prepare beforehand

Make Sure You Use the Right Primer

You might think that it’s better to use a cheap primer or a glossier one to reduce the cost of the materials. After all, primer isn’t seen by anyone, right?

It’s tempting to cut this budgetary corner, but a professional would be sure to use the right primer for the effect they’re looking to achieve. In some cases, a glossier primer can be a good option, because it’ll shine through the paint, but this isn’t always the case. Plus, if you have a textured surface to paint, you’re going to want to lay additional primer layers to get a consistent look in your finished product.

To get more tips on painting your home, or to get a quote for commercial painting services in Wynnewood, PA or the surrounding area, give Fox Painting a call today!

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